Rods & Relics
Lincoln Hills, California

Mission Statement


The Rods & Relics of Lincoln Hills Car Club is a non-profit organization formed by individuals with an interest in the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of collector vehicles, such as Original, Antiques, Classic, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Special Interest, Modified, and other American-made or American-powered vehicles model year 1975 or before or replicas of such a vehicle. We use this strong interest to facilitate fund raising and community service to non-profit organizations and people in need.




Business Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Turkey Creek Golf Club 1525 California, Hwy 193, just East of Sun City, Lincoln. The meetings are at 6:15 P.M. arrive around 5:P.M. if you plan to have dinner also.


Breakfast at the Waffle Farm Cafe and informal meetings beginning about 8:00 A.M. every other Tuesday at  the Waffle Farm, 815 Twelve Bridges Dr, Lincoln.


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                    Charitable Donation


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                           Club Cars


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                                  Club Officers

President___________________Ray Geiger……

Vice President_______________ Chuck Barnhart

Secretary___________________Ed Branco 

Treasurer___________________George Funk

Activities, Events  Director______Ed McVey…………

Membership Director_________ Mike Carvidi 

Member at Large_____________Craig Kirkpatrick 


Web Master_________________Ed McVey……………


Club Newsletter______________Karen Funk…………


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Rods and Relics Car Club

P. O. Box 93

Lincoln, California 95648






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