Rods & Relics
Lincoln Hills, California
Jacket and Shirt Ordering Information
Orders are placed when there are enough interested members.
Please contact Dan Larsen for more information.

Shirts are $40.00. Varsity Jackets are $156.00 and
Tan Microfiber Jackets are $146.00. Prices include taxes.
Additional costs are: 2XL=+$2.50; 3XL=+$4.50 & 4XL=+$6.50


Shirts have our logo over the LH pocket and your name on the RH side.
Jackets are the same + our 10″ round embroidered logo on the back.


The following sizes are available if you wish to try one on prior to ordering:
Shirt = L & XL; Varsity = S, L & XL, and Tan Microfiber = XL.


Note: Prices will be reviewed each time there is a new order.
Members will be notified when new orders are to be placed.


For Hats, T-shirts, Patches, Decals, Contact Ed McVey


For order forms for other items contact, Dan Larson.




For Website related inquiries please email